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Christopher ([personal profile] sarcasm_king) wrote2009-05-03 11:50 pm

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I wanted to do something epic and awe-inspiring for my first dreamwidth post, because this is a chance for me to shape myself with something new. But I could not come up with anything so I decided to post this as an introduction post.

My name is Christopher. I am a social and fiscal socialist. I have a lot of interests in video games, television, and music. And they are varied, as well. Mother 2 (Earthbound) at the top of my video game list, Doctor Who at the top of my television list, and Heather Dale at the top of my music list. If you ask, I'll gladly supply you with more of my favourite video games/television/music.

I am a rather friendly person; because I do not care if you like me or not, be it for my lack of beliefs, my political ideology, my interests, my unique personality, etc.

So, this is me. My journal will be full of protected entries, only because thats who I am. Its not that I have anything to hide, but I just like protected entries, most of the time.